Thursday, 27 September 2012

Would he come back to Ewood? He Sherwood!

Tim Sherwood as the future manager of Blackburn Rovers. Rather an enticing prospect, I must admit (as a Rovers fan, myself). He's one of those potential appointments that is in the fuzzy grey area, where he has experience to an extent...but is it enough?

Allegedly, the end of Steve Kean's disastrous run as manager is imminent (a man who's record is one of the worst the Premier League has seen, let alone Blackburn Rovers), with Sherwood being tipped as his successor. Prior to his appointment, Steve Kean's experience in football was no more than coaching, having been injured early in his playing career. Even his assistant (Eric Black) has had 2 managerial positions (Coventry and Motherwell)! So how would Tim be an improvement on this cabbage of a manager, who makes nonsensical substitutions and fails to organise the defense?

Tim's experience in football is winning the Premier League, as the captain of Blackburn Rovers. He was the leader in a dressing room full of ego, answering only to 'King' Kenny Dalglish and 'Right-Hand' Ray Harford. Let's not forget his 3 caps with the England national side, either. Little reward for the talent of spotting a pass like no other; to the extent that when Dalglish wanted to sign Zinedine Zidane, the late, great 'Uncle' Jack Walker allegedly uttered: 'Why would we want Zidane when we have Tim?'

Tim unfortunately left the club under a cloud of claims that he was a disruptive influence during Roy Hodgson's managerial spell; claims which he vigorously refutes to this day.

After a spell as a pundit with Setanta Sport, in 2008 he was offered an assistant-coaching position at Tottenham Hotspur under then-manager, Harry Redknapp; a position he accepted on Halloween of that year. And, boy, has he flourished!

In 2010, he was promoted to the role technical co-ordinator, in charge of player development across all playing squads. Such is his talent in this role, rumours were flying around that he'd be promoted to the role of director of football! Having survived a management change when Andre Villas-Boas, it is thought that he is being groomed for a future managerial position at Spurs.

With regards to Blackburn, he may be exactly what the club needs. A club legend, who is articulate and has a good mind for the game, would give all the fans a lift in the wake of the club's collapse under Venkys and Steve Kean.

Tim has served his apprenticeship at Spurs and Blackburn would be his perfect first chance in the top job. The fans will back him to the hilt, and it's hard to imagine he could be any worse than the worst manager Rovers have had in recent years. Tim Sherwood has me thinking two words: Howard Kendall. Show us what you've got, Tim!

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