Wednesday, 9 May 2012

So we've been relegated to Division 1......Kean Rant No#2.....

     Today's press conference has proved yet again (as if further proof were needed) that Steve Kean, even in the wake of his team's relegation, is a man lacking in tact, principles, integrity and, yes, even dignity. He is not a serious man. He is not a professional man. The cold facts on which his reputation is truly based - his record - would suggest that he isn't even a football man. His job performance has been atrocious, his leadership just as bad. His ability to inspire and to carry out the basic functions of football management have been woefully exposed. It would appear that he cares not a jot about any of this.

     His craven, inept and borderline psychotic leadership have brought this once proud club to its knees. The owners are, of course just as complicit (if not more so), yet Kean has exploited their naivety, their ignorance and their indecisiveness for no other reason than to massage his bloated ego and to augment his equally swollen bank account.

     "I'm here for the long-term" he claims. Too fucking right he is. His financial future depends on this job. His name is in tatters, no matter what platitudes his fellow managers utter gleefully in the press, and from here on out there is not a lucid, right-thinking football executive in the country who will award this man with any authority beyond the bibs and cones.

     To portray him as a lunatic is to give him too much credit. He is nothing but a common trickster, a fraudulent excuse for a professional in an outfit now shorn of all professionalism. His refusal to accept blame, to admit his mistakes, to even acknowledge the reality of the situation may indeed smack of deep-rooted psychological maladies yet I find it far easier to accept that he is simply an utter charlatan who, along with a perfect storm of fellow criminals, has cynically brought about the destruction of an institution beloved by many but treated by those who make the decisions as nothing more than a casual experiment, a mere plaything. Indeed, they look to be attempting to bring one of the very cornerstones of the sport of football to an end.

     Kean, the owners, Jerome Anderson, Paul Agnew - with the willing co-operation of their enablers in the national press - have caused this chaos ostensibly to increase their personal wealth but, depressingly, simply because they could. What's perhaps most tragic is that the people who saw this coming, the supporters, are the only ones with the passion and willingness to right this wrong. These are fans that have never before shown a moment's disquiet, even under the piss-poor tenures of Brian Kidd and Paul Ince. Yet it would appear that they are the most powerless element in this otherwise sordid affair. The only way that they have been able to voice their concerns, to demonstrate their anger, has led to them being castigated and, ultimately, rendered apparently irrelevant.

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