Monday, 5 December 2011

The Dentist, the Trafford Centre and Sainsbury's.

So, today has been interesting so far.

Firstly I let a man with a rubber glove prod his finger all around my mouth. Of course, this makes ME look like the weirdo, when Detective Inspector Tongue involuntarily investigates this foreign object!! Then, said man-in-white-coat pokes my gums with a little needle to make sure they aren't swollen/bleeding ('This may pinch a little'). By which he means 'I'm about to stab you repeatedly in the gums and if you move, I'll just prod even firmer and cut you, but you will get the blame, as well as having to wash out your own bloodstains'. He then went on to 'recommend you brush your teeth twice a day'. Yes, I know. I've seen the Sensodyne adverts during Jeremy Kyle. Tosser.

Straight from here, my Dad and I drive to the Trafford Centre as the glorious Northern Slush descends gracefully, yet forcefully, onto an already very slippery M60. We get there and it is packed, cannot find a parking space. Dad decides to run into John Lewis and buy these 2 pictures frames that Mum wants for Christmas, while I continue to drive round to find a space. 30mins later, I FINALLY find a space!!.......just as Dad is making his way back. I let out a series of expletives and then we set off back home on the even more dangerous M60 (although far less traffic). On the way a lorry driven by a woman (yes, they do exist and you already know where this is heading) decides to pull into the fast lane (my lane) without indicating, causing me and about 6 cars behind me to brake suddenly. Tosser.

Dad insists on going to Sainsbury's to take advantage of their 'Buy 6 bottles of wine and get 25% off' offer (which, of course, is only done AFTER adding that amount onto the price each bottle). I decide I want some Walkers' Thai Chilli Sensations, so I have a look at the offers. 'Bigger Bag for same price!' they proudly proclaim. They evidently missed out the phrase 'same amount of crisps, but more air'. Tossers.

Preparing myself for BSL (level 2) class at College later on. Hopefully it will go without incident. If not, I'll update later! Cheerio!

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