Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Single-y.....Having....A Wonderful Christmas Time!!

This will be my first Christmas as a singleton in 4 yrs. The last 3 Christmasses were all with different girlfriends (how they never discovered each other I'll never know haha), but this year I will not be dedicating my time to one girl. I will be spreading my love and joy around my various groups of friends :) I'd say 'It's cheaper too' but I've spent more on nights out and drink than each of the last christmasses in with a girl. And I'm loving it! That having been said; in the New Year (which I will be posting about sometime next week, I'm sure) I'll be ready to take on the challenge of a new girlfriend (whoever she may be) while juggling my studies.

Christmas is, without question, my favourite time of year. I'd like to rant about it being commercialised etc, but I just don't care. I believe in God, but I detest religion. Christianity has given us the most popular festival of winter however. Nevermind the birth of the original Harry Houdini. This is the time of year that parents make their children the happiest they will be for the year. Santa is not a lie in my opinion. The concept of Santa is alive within all but Scrooge McDuck. 'Santa' is that little part of you that wants to show those you love just how much you appreciate them with cards and prezzies. It's also the part that gets angry and crosses people off next years 'XmasCard' list because you didn't get one off them this year.

Christmas is magical. The snow causes chaos, yes. But it makes kids and adults alike (even if just for a moment) admire the natural beauty of tiny bits of ice falling from the heavens and covering the rolling hills of Lancashire, Edinburgh Castle and Buckingham Palace in the same blanket of soft white icing. In summer, we wake up to heat and sunshine. We love it. But it has nothing on the wonder of seeing snow covering the land, your breath freezing in front of you, the freezing cold temperatures. Nor does it provide the comfort of a blanket wrapped around you, in front of a roaring fire, presents under an elaborately decorated tree, a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie by your side, surrounded by friends and family (close or long-lost).

My only complaint about Christmas (and with me not being musical, it has only struck me this year), we don't have one-hit wonders anymore. Slade, Wizzard, Mariah Carey, Mud etc all fill us with Christmas Spirit. X Factor winners do NOT. It would help if the songs were at least Christmassy, but they aren't. Just plain old pop ballads. X Factor needs to die, so that bands (groups that can USE instruments and can actually SING. Not 'artists') can play around and give us magic songs that take us back to the very year they were released/or the year we first heard them.

In particular:
Wham's 'Last Christmas' provokes memories of my FIRST xmas with a gf.
Slade's 'Merry Xmas Everybody' was first heard properly by me in the Xmas of 2009, so far my happiest Christmas.

Enough of me and my nonsense for now. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope St. Nick grants you all your wishes. I hope he smacks 'Deluded' Steve Kean very hard in the face with a big bag of coal. THAT will be the topic of my next rant, some point this week.

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