Thursday, 22 December 2011

So, Venky's...about yourselves...and Mr. Kean....

About Venkys...

They have bought Blackburn Rovers FC on borrowed money.

They have been to 4 games since the takeover (over a year).

They  have refused to invest any money. The only money put into the club was from the sale of Phil Jones to ManUtd (About £7million out of a total of around £20million).

They refuse to sack a man with a record that leaves his position untenable.

About Mr. Kean...

7 wins in 38 league games.

11 wins in 44 games over all (3 against lower leagues opposition).

He testified to a court of law that a fan spiked his drink when charged with (and then convicted of) drink-driving.

He refused to shore up the defense (or add a defensive midfielder to help protect the defense) in the summer, after the loss of Phil Jones and Jermaine Jones.

He refused to make the team more solid in general (pressure on opposition all across the pitch).

He continually releases press-statements that ridicule the fan base that pays him. Many of these which would lead to a charge of intent to incite a riot* if said by a 'normal' citizen.
*As told to me by several cops at games (one a Stoke fan, one a Wigan fan and one a Brentford fan).

Events influenced (but not directly caused) by one or the other:
John Williams (respected chairman who forged Rovers a reputation of being the best-run club in England) has left.

Tom Finn (respected deputy to John Williams) has left.

Sam Allardyce (respected and pragmatic manager throughout England) was mercilessly sacked and replaced by a man who previously only had brief experience of being an assistant manager.

Major local sponsors WEC Engineering are relctant to sponsor the club any more and are looking to pull out.

Wayne Wild (higher-up in WEC), Ian Battersby (Rovers fan, higher-up in a Wealth Management firm), Jack Straw (MP for Blackburn) and Jake Berry (MP for Darwen and Rossendale) have all expressed concern at the situation.

Rovers' fanbase are left feeling detached and angry at the lack of communication from the club and feel the need to protest vociferously (after giving solid support to the manager from his appointment right up until the Arsenal game on 17th Sept 2011.

Attendances decline with every game, yet the voices get louder and more rebellious. Shirts and SeasonTickets are thrown at Kean in the dugout.

The worst crime of all? Blackburn Rovers were built over 135years. If the above is anything to go by (as well as the conjecture and rumours flying around), it took only a year to destroy.

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