Monday, 5 December 2011

Reality TV.....

So we come to the end of the one Reality TV show I can watch. Purely because of Ant and Dec, I can cope with I'mVaguelyFamiliar...GetMeOutOfHere, and Dougie (the winner - the one from McFly whose name nobody knew) was a decent lad. (Celebrity)BigBrother ended long ago, thank God! Tossers.

TheOnlyWayIsEssex (no it isn't, you can get to Amarillo via more picturesque places) isn't on at the moment, thank God! Tossers. Although 'Tango' Mark did his best to ruin my enjoyment of the Jungle. Tosser.

On the subject of 'TOWIE', such a shame that it has spawned other shows featuring people with all the intellectual capacity of squashed orange. GeordieShore (which I think actually is adapted from JerseyShore), MadeInChelsea and Desperate Scousewives. Tossers. I have enjoyed many a night in the wonderful cities of Newcastle, Liverpool and London, and no-one I have met on such occasions has had me wanting to hit them. Many of these TV undesirables believe they are 'hard', but they wouldn't know what 'hard' was if Giant Haystacks hit them in the face with a bag of conkers! Tossers.

That's it for tonight. Goodnight and God Bless!

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