Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Where is the British sense of humour going?

I try to be politically correct where I can be, but sometimes there is just no need for it! PC is seriously taking over the country and it's damned well killing all semblance of what used to be known as 'having a lark' or 'bit of a  joke' or quite simply just HAVING A SENSE OF BLOODY HUMOUR!!

Missives of complaint used to be few and far between in Britain, but wholly genuine. Back in the days Hitler sending bombs over us, people just went in the bunkers, had a jolly old sing-song, shared dodgy 'knock-knock' or genie-related jokes and just enjoyed themselves; a total contrast to the mayhem caused in the cities. Even as recently as the 90's, things only received complaints when they REALLY warranted it. You knew this because people had to be incensed enough to put pen to paper, stick it in an envelope, papercut their tongues while licking said envelope, find out the correct address for the recipient, walk to the post office, buy a stamp and then trap their hand in the postbox after inserting the letter with a little too much fury.

These days, any faintly aggreived half-wit can simply apply pressure to a button called 'Send' on any number of wifi-enabled devices and join the bandwagons and the burgeoning number of pointless e-petitions set up by sad, lonely little people with so little happening in their lives that they actively seek out faux controversy to fill the void.

The very same people who knew damned well that Jeremy Clarkson was not seriously suggesting that public sector strikers should be shot, but they faked froth-mouthed frenzy anyway! And shame on the various so-called 'serious political figures' for being among them. They are out of touch with the British Public; so much so that I have already eliminated Labour, Tories or LibDems from receiving my vote at the next election. UKIP, the Green Party and even the Official Monster Raving Loony Party are more deserving of my vote than this country's so-called 'big 3'.

Ed Miliband looks like a frog, Nick Clegg has shown himself to be an utter liar (don't worry Nick, when stem cell research REALLY kicks in, you'll have that spine ready-made for you) and David Cameron looks like he's constantly possessed by Tony Blair! Tossers.

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